In the destruction of the civilization of the island of Malta blamed the cloud

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The interagency team of scientists unraveled the longstanding mystery of the disappearance of the ancient civilization, which existed for over a thousand years on the island of Malta, and then was destroyed in two generations.

According to, researchers analyzed pollen found deep in the ground, as well as ancient DNA from skulls and bones.

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This is a mysterious temple civilization, which appeared on the island of Malta almost 6000 years ago. It numbered several thousand people, but the population density on the island was then significantly higher than on the mainland.

These people built very complex temple complexes. Their structures are generally one of the earliest detached buildings on the planet. Around 2350 BC this civilization mysteriously disappeared.

A group led by Professor Carolyn Malone of Queen’s University in Belfast found that one of the reasons for the collapse was the depletion of natural resources.

Analysis of the remains showed that between 2600 and 2400 BC half of the dead on the island were children. In addition, during the excavations were found the remains of migrants – people who arrived from Asia and Africa. They may have brought with them new diseases for the islanders.

The decisive blow, probably, was an unknown catastrophe, which occurred around 2350 BC. Analysis of tree rings showed that the entire region was then affected by a powerful climate phenomenon — perhaps it was a dust cloud formed during a volcanic eruption.

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