From Zelensky expect radical steps – a list of requirements from the Ukrainians

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This is stated in the survey of KIIS, reports "".

Earlier, Stefanchuk spoke about the possibilities of the "king" of Zelensky in the first 100 days.

To the question which of the listed on the card you wanted
for the new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, to make his first 100
days, the answers of the respondents were as follows:

– reduce utility tariffs – 42.8%;

– submit bills on immunity lifting to Parliament
from deputies, judges, the president – 36.6%;

– start direct negotiations with Donetsk, Lugansk and Moscow on
peaceful settlement and cessation of hostilities in the east of Ukraine – 33%;

– start / speed up the investigation of the most resonant
corruption offenses – 31.4%;

– reduce the salary of top officials – 17.6%;

– start negotiations with the EU and the United States on the Donbass and Crimea – 14.3%;

– begin negotiations with Russia on the resumption of economic
relations – 12.1%;

– initiate a change in the parliamentary election system –
the abolition of majority elections and the transition to a proportional system with open
lists – 10%;

– to speed up the investigation of crimes against Maidan – 9.6%;

– initiate the restart of anti-corruption bodies (NABU,
SAP) – 4.7%;

– submit to the Parliament a bill on referendums in Ukraine –

– arrest Russian assets in Ukraine – 4.7%;

– start negotiations on joining the EU – 3.9%;

– put up for sale premises, cars and other assets
State Administration, which deals with the provision of the President,
– 3.7%;

– make a visit to Washington and Brussels – 2.2%;

– move the Presidential Administration to another building – 0.8%.

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