Astronomers have discovered an invisible asteroid near Earth

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Moscow, July 12 – AIF-Moscow.

Astronomers were able to detect a rare near-Earth asteroid with the shortest period of revolution around the Sun – 151 days. This is reported on the website of the California Institute of Technology USA.

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Scientists and previously suspected of the existence of this object, but it was always hidden from observation, for which he was called "invisible".

The asteroid was named 2019 LF6, its size is about one kilometer in diameter. Object 2019 LF6 is one of the 20 known Atira-type asteroids, whose orbits completely coincide with the Earth's orbits.

One of the researchers said that now there are rarely asteroids about the size of a kilometer. Thirty years ago, scientists began organizing methodical searches for asteroids, first finding larger objects. Now, when most of them are found, such objects are very rare.

This asteroid was discovered with the help of modern tool Zwicky Transient Facility in the Palomar Observatory.

Earlier in Scotland, a crater was found from an asteroid that fell about 1.2 billion years ago.


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