The skull found in Greece will force to rewrite the history of mankind

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An international team of researchers studied fragments of two human skulls, discovered four decades ago in Greece, and concluded that modern humans migrated from Africa to Europe 150 thousand years earlier than previously thought.

The research report is published on the official website of the London Museum of Natural History. The discovery delays the appearance of Homo Sapiens in Europe by more than 150 thousand years.

Two partially preserved skulls, which were discovered in the cave of Apidymus in southern Greece in 1978, were analyzed. Fossil remains were designated as Apidima 1 and Apidym 2.

Photo: Nadezhda Kolosova / TASS
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Initially, their age was estimated at 160 thousand years. But scientists have always doubted that the dating was carried out accurately. In addition, the shape of the skull differ from each other. The study confirmed that they belong to different periods of time.

The skull of Apidymus 2 was more complete. It resembles the skulls of Neanderthals discovered in Gibraltar and Italy. Apidym 1 is more like the fossils of modern people, whose age is estimated at 100 thousand years.

The team used a technique that made it possible to accurately date not only the layers in which the skulls were found, but also the bones themselves. New dating of Apidym 2 showed that the fossils are about 170 thousand years. This roughly corresponds to the previous estimate. He turned out to be Neanderthal.

But the skull of Apidim 1 is much older. It turned out that he was at least 210 thousand years old. A detailed analysis confirmed that this skull belonged to the representative of Homo Sapiens, and not to the Neanderthal.

"Our study suggests that the early group of modern man in Greece appeared at least 210 thousand years ago," says Professor Chris Stringer. back ".

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