Proton-M rocket launch postponed to July 13

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Moscow, July 12 – AIF-Moscow.

The Proton-M launch vehicle with the Spectr-RG space telescope will launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome not on Friday, July 12, but on Saturday.

The relevant decision during the meeting was made by the state commission to conduct flight tests of space complexes for socio-economic, scientific and commercial purposes, the Roskosmos said.

Why didn't the Proton-M launch vehicle be launched within a year?

According to the commission, the launch was postponed, since it is necessary to obtain confirmation of the technical solution to eliminate the remark to one of the Proton-M systems from the manufacturer’s specialists.

On Saturday morning, after the technical management report, the state commission will take a final decision on launching the launch vehicle.

Recall that the "Proton-M" with a telescope "Spectrum WG" was supposed to start on June 21, but the launch date was postponed. According to the source, experts have identified problems in the electrical system of the device.


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