Military parade on Independence Day: Groisman proposed an unexpected solution to the issue

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He said this at a public meeting of the government, reports

Yesterday on the website of the President of Ukraine appeared a petition for holding a parade on Independence Day.

According to him, at the moment, experts are engaged in counting
budget military parade in Kiev. Groisman assures that he should spend and money
for this project will be found not to the detriment of social programs.

The prime minister also supported President Zelensky’s idea that
to give the Ukrainian military a cash prize.

Groisman stressed that he has plans for
how to pay the funds and not to affect other problematic niches. He assured
that throughout the week all the developed projects will be offered to Zelensky.

Earlier, Zelensky officially refused to hold a military parade on
Ukraine's Independence Day.

Recall, ATO veterans announced a military march in Kiev instead of
canceled Zelensky parade on Independence Day.


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