In the Crimea, resumed the excavations of the ancient necropolis Kyz-Aul

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The members of the archaeological expedition began clearing the burials of the medieval period in the territory of the Kyz-Aul necropolis. This was announced by the representative of the Foundation "Archeology" Oleg Markov.

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS
Minerals unknown to science found in a cave under the "Tavrida" route

– In the lower part of the Kyz-Aul necropolis there are antique burials, and in the upper part there are burials from the times of the Khazar Khaganate. The people who lived on this territory in the Middle Ages, both buried their dead here, and used more ancient stone crypts as dwellings. Expedition members have already started clearing their graves, RIA Novosti quotes Markov.

The archaeologist said that scientists received an open sheet for the excavation this summer at the necropolis Kyz-Aul. In addition to studying the upper layer, the expedition will also study the coast near the necropolis.

– Every year during the abrasion of the coastline falls into the sea. Ancient tombs and information valuable to history are dying, the scientist said.

Archaeologists will also carry out excavations on the territory of the ancient city of Kitey.

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The ancient necropolis Kyz-Aul is located on the Kerch Peninsula, on the coastal plateau near the village of Yakovenkovo. The monument is notable for a large number of monumental stone crypts built during the period from the first century BC to the second century of our era. The size of the crypts indicates the wealth and nobility of the buried representatives of the highest class of the Bosporus society.


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