In the city of the Old Testament found burial Canaan warriors

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Archaeologists from the British Museum during excavations in the ancient city of Sidon in southern Lebanon discovered the graves of high-ranking Canaanite soldiers of the XIX century BC

About opening reports The History Blog. The graves were discovered by researchers from the British Museum, who have been excavating in Sidon for 21 years now. This city is repeatedly mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.

Photo: Kevin Webb / NHM Image Resources / Natural History Museum
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In just two decades, archaeologists have discovered 171 ancient burials. This season they found two graves that are well preserved. In them were the remains of two adult men.

Scientists believe that these were the Canaanite warriors. Bronze daggers and belts were found in the graves, which indicates the high social status of the buried.

In addition, the bones of goats or sheep were found at their feet, that is, animals had to accompany the dead in the afterlife. According to the head of the archaeological group, Claude Dumet-Serhala, the daggers found were not used in battles – they were the hallmark of the military elite.

"Canaan did not bury their dead in this way, unless they belonged to the aristocratic class of their society," says Dumet-Serhal. that 95 percent of Lebanese have Canaanite roots. "

Belts and daggers will be transferred to the Sidon Museum and will take place next to the artifacts found here earlier.

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