Arestovich is outraged and explained why Zelensky’s decision to cancel the military parade is a big mistake

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"The whole depth of stupidity and betrayal, insignificance and misunderstanding: neither the army nor the situation – in the decision of Zelensky to cancel the military parade and replace spending on it with a one-time bonus to the military.

The military, like all citizens, of course, need money. Even more than others, because they deprive themselves of many freedoms and voluntarily impose risks and restrictions on themselves.

But the army is not about money.

The army is about honor.

Russia is decomposing its howling army, hiding chevrons and funerals, Zelensky from today – refusing its belligerent army to demonstrate the flag on Independence Day.

Before, kids understood that independence is clearly connected with the military walking along the main street of the country.

And now kids will understand? What uncles in green – fuckers, which throw on independence a handout of 33 euros, just not flashed before my eyes? ..

Once again did they not remind of themselves and of the war? ..

Let's give ***, tell me how "… no one in the world holds parades."

Or does not hold "… parades with technology."

Or that "… only the victorious army should conduct parades."

Or that "… Israel does not hold military parades."

Or about how you would have spent this money together on "… combat training" – as if you know what it is.)

Oh, you did not like the Poroshenko parade script?

But there is no evil Poroshenko.

Change the script. Leave a bunch: "Army = Independence."

Zelensky tries so hard not to be like Gunpowder, which, as I understand it, will soon abolish Independence itself.

The parade is also a military community.

If the parade were political technologies, representatives of the NATO armies and Ukraine’s neighbors would never have taken part in it.

And one more dirty manipulation:

– the parade is not worth 300 million.

And filed that way.

But the transfer (g) OPY is exactly 300 million.

But on it, for some reason decided not to save.

And one more thing – the army always remembers their dead. Our fallen – like sentries.

The parade is also about them.

And you there, the creature, they spat. Once again.

– Damn you, clown.

Burn with a blue flame.

ZY I urge the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to give a legal assessment of the cancellation of the military parade on Independence Day.

Well, one small pimple is afraid of the army and war, afraid to look ridiculous from the podium.

Does this mean that the honor of the army and the state should suffer for the sake of his personal problems? ..

Earlier, Zelensky spoke about the first steps that Ukraine will take after the separation of troops.

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