Zelensky openly spoke against godfather Putin Medvedchuk and NewsOne

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He stated this to journalists during a visit to Boryspil, reports

Earlier, the source called the name of the people's deputy, who came up with the idea of ​​a Ukraine-Russia tele-bridge.

The President assured that he would do everything so that no one
could monopolize the information space in the country.

He added that people with pro-Russian views in
features should not get access to information broadcasting in Ukraine.

He also noted that the issue of monopolization will be
settled at the legislative level after the election. This also applies to the TV channel.
NewsOne, who tried to conduct a Ukraine-Russia teleconference.

However, the president did not specify what criteria would be
evaluated pro-Russian position.

The National Assembly took a resounding decision regarding NewsOne because of
attempts to teleconference with Russia.

At the moment, no one has abandoned the idea of ​​holding a Ukraine-Russia teleconference: Medvedchuk’s associates are looking for other versions of the project.


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