Viking "afterlife" ships found in Sweden

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During excavations in the city of Uppsala, Swedish archaeologists discovered two Viking burial ships, one of which was preserved fantastically well and contained the remains of a dog, a man and a horse.

About the discovery reports Live Science. The practice of ship grave is well known. The Vikings buried so influential members of their society. The ships loaded sacrificial animals, weapons and treasures. It is believed that this method of burial has been widely practiced throughout the Viking era from 800 to 1050 AD.

Photo: AP Photo / Hassan Ammar
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The finding confirms this hypothesis. Archaeologists have found two burial boats, called "clinkers." One of them is preserved, as the researchers say, fantastically well. When she was examined, the remains of a dog and a horse were found, covered on the nose, and on the stern were human remains.

“We still know practically nothing about him,” says the head of the research group, Johan Anund. and grew up and where he lived most of his life. "

Animals were probably sacrificed to help the deceased person on the "other side." They could also indicate the status and rank of the buried person.

In such graves usually find the remains of not only horses and dogs, but also large birds, such as falcons. Archaeologists also found artifacts in the burial boat: a sword, a spear and a shield, a richly decorated crest, remnants of wooden products and iron nails that were probably used in construction.

The second boat was noticeably damaged. The reason is the medieval cellar, built directly above it in the XVI century. According to Anund, the bones of people and animals were also preserved on the damaged ship. However, it seems that during the construction of the cellar they were moved, which complicates the work of archaeologists.

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