"Now I will call Bakanov about that line", – Ukraine is shocked by the final of Zelensky’s quarrel with the official

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The Zelensky quarrel with the official in Boryspil caused a mixed reaction of the Ukrainian society, reports petescrypticcrosswords.ca.

On Wednesday, July 10, Zelensky in Boryspil held a meeting with local authorities. There he unexpectedly “grappled” with the secretary of the Boryspil city council, Yaroslav Godunkov.

The president did not like the fact that the official was speaking too vigorously at the meeting. He recalled Godunka his criminal past, and also not very politely asked to get out of the hall.

"Get out of here! Go out, robber. Do you hear badly?" – declared official Zelensky.

The story is not over. Following the meeting, the media overheard an interesting phrase from the president to the expelled goddam. He said that he intends to "pull" on the official of the new acting head of the Security Service of Ukraine and part-time his business partner Ivan Bakanov.

“I’ll call Bakanov about that line now,” said Zelensky.

Ukrainians ambiguously perceived history. Some are delighted with the fact that the president has put in place a "overblown" official. Others consider this as a pre-election PR. Many point to Zelensky that such behavior is unworthy of the leader of a European state.

We will remind, earlier “Dialogue.UA” reported that Zelensky publicly disgraced the official because of feces.


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