Expelled Zelensky official Godunok told what happened in Borispol, and threatens the president with a court

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Godunok spoke about the reasons for the quarrel and plans to punish Zelensky in an interview with KP in Ukraine, reports petescrypticcrosswords.ca.

Today, on July 10, Zelensky at a meeting with Boryspil officials expelled Godunka from the hall for “shouting too much”. Zelensky recalled his previous conviction and threatened the acting SBU Bakanov.

According to Godunka, the quarrel began in the corridor because of the Borispol hospital.

“I started asking questions and asking the president’s help in building the hospital, talking about corruption in the district administration. And instead of expelling the district administration for money laundering, for some reason they kicked me out,” said the secretary of the city council. He clarified that the local hospital today is framed in the ownership of the district administration, which does not repair it.

As for Zelensky’s words about Godunka’s criminal past, he called the information “some kind of foolishness”. He also reminded the president of his personal "dark" past.

“What should I find on the Internet, what they write to him, how he plays the piano *** and hits him or where he looks like a drug addict or booze,” the official said. He clarified that there was no robbery allegedly not true. The media have already excavated that in 2000, the Godkund’s Berkutov and another police officer broke into a disabled person, beat him and extorted a ransom. He was convicted of robbery, excess of power, as well as violation of the inviolability of the home and was sentenced to 3 years probation. Today, this conviction has already been repaid.

Nevertheless, Godunok intends to bring Zelensky to responsibility for the fact that "he behaved like some kind of gopnik." He plans to sue, as well as receive an apology from Zelensky and compensation for moral damage.

We will remind, earlier “Dialogue.UA” reported that Zelensky publicly disgraced the official because of feces.


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