Doctors: many women have a health problem that they are embarrassed about

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It is believed that snoring is mostly a male problem, and women, if they snore, rarely. However, a recent study by a group of American doctors has shown that women, like men, snore often and loudly.

The study involved 1913 women and men. Sensors showed that as a percentage, women snore as much as men. Moreover, the volume of snoring in women reached an average of 50 decibels, which roughly corresponds to a normal conversation, in men – up to 52 decibels.

Previously, it was believed that snoring appears with age, and the elderly snore, not young, and mostly more men than women. But in 2009, Briton became the heroine of the news – she hit the headlines because she broke a kind of snoring record.

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The sensors showed 111 decibels – about that noise makes a jackhammer at a distance of one meter (120 decibels).

Interestingly, before the experiment, scientists asked patients if they snore. From 23 to 31% of women and from 35-53% of men answered in the affirmative. 28% said they did not notice this problem. But why did the measurements give a completely different picture? Experts suggest that women are a little devious, recognizing that snoring is still not a female feature. Or they underestimate the fact of snoring. In fact, 68% of those who did not admit to the existence of this problem were wrong. Moreover, 40% of women were among those who snore loudly and even very loudly.

The results showed that, although "women snore as loudly as men, they rate their snoring as light or moderate and are less likely to report it as heavy or very heavy."

Two thirds of the participants reported moderate or severe sleep apnea. This condition is often accompanied by snoring, because the airways narrow, and the sleep rhythm is disturbed due to the lack of oxygen.

It is noted in the work that “in more than 90% of women with sleep apnea, the condition can be undiagnosed,” and this is dangerous in the long term: it has a negative effect on health in general.

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