"Are you kidding me?" – Zelensky publicly disgraced the official because of feces

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So, Vladimir Zelensky made laugh all during a meeting with officials in Borispol. Information
transmits "Dialogue.UA".

As reported, Zelensky
I read the questions that concern the locals. One of them was the one in
which the mayor asked why last year spent 17 million hryvnia on
cleaning of the lakes in Boryspil, and in fact in some lakes at the bottom almost a meter

In turn,
Boryspil mayor Anatoly Fedorchuk said that the lake was cleaned, noting the low
culture of Ukrainians, who still continue to pollute nature.

"They are a meter
spoiled? Are you kidding me? I have not heard this yet. People are to blame, that we not
cleaned up. This is one of the ministers, I remember, I was not yet president, said,
that our people have a problem in that they eat a lot. And you have the reverse
the situation – they are very much … "- Zelensky laughed.

Recall Zelensky
officially refused to hold a military parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine.


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