Zelensky's office began to classify contracts with Russia – details

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This edition of "Ukrainian News" reported in
the press service of the Office of the President, reports "petescrypticcrosswords.ca".

Earlier, Gazprom called the condition under which
will conclude a gas transit contract with Ukraine.

So, in the Office of the President did not answer questions from journalists
regarding who and when conducted or will negotiate with Russia
regarding gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine.

The OP refused to answer questions because of a violation
some norms, but all media issues were completely in the letter of the law.

Journalists have already appealed the actions of presidential officials

The Kremlin is preparing for a decisive gas "battle" with
Ukraine-the Russian Federation can lose everything.

Recall, July 1, in Ukraine, the price of gas for
industrial consumers by order of NAK "Naftogaz Ukrainy".


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