Why Kolomoisky helps Putin: Fursa brought sensational facts

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Kolomoisky: in the East, the internal civil conflict, the Russian troops there is normal, the Americans are stirring up the war, the conflict was not inspired by Russia.

Putin: I will speak with Zelensky when he starts direct negotiations with the separatists, stops calling them separatists and finally admits that this is an internal conflict.

Bogdan: you just have to let them speak in Russian, and they will calm down, and we will live peacefully.


Kolomoisky was so pressed by the Americans that he is now ready to broadcast any Russian propaganda. He just has no choice. And this is understandable. Here either he will lead Ukraine to the Russian world, or Ukraine will take him to the prosecutor. And the American. And there he will not be in the Baryshevsky District Court. And not even the sixth district administrative. It does not work out. So this is a one-way road.

The road, which, of course, does not like the oligarch. And he really wants to hide. Today, you can hide from American justice only in Russia, because after Israel you will not go to Iran. And Putin needs to lift the sanctions. And for this you need to remove Russia from the agenda. Make the negotiations straight.

And then this is only a civil conflict in Ukraine. Because of the language. And Russia has nothing to do with it. And having no other way Kolomoisky helps Putin. Nothing personal just business.

In 2014 he was the enemy number 1 for Putin, now – the first friend. And this and that – only business. In 2014, it allowed to sit on streams and pump out oil, withdrawing money at the same time from Privat, and now saves him from punishment for sins. And now Kolomoisky is also actively promoting the Putin-Medvedchuk plan, the plan of capitulation, how actively he played the role of a patriot in 2014.

But his problems. Our problems are what the head of the presidential administration says. Sorry, the head office of the president. Which one way or another repeats the theses, the average between the statements of Putin and Kolomoisky. A very close person to the president. And you might think that the president thinks so. And then a tragedy awaits us. Because if he tries to implement this plan, Maidan, which has not yet been seen, will flare up. And the blow to Ukraine will be very strong.

This is beneficial to Putin, who must destabilize Ukraine. This is beneficial Kolomoisky, who "though the grass does not grow," but the main thing is not to fly to the United States. This is not beneficial Zelensky. But does he understand this, too.

We don't know that. We do not know what's in Zelensky's head. Moreover, during the elections, he said that he was ready for the world "at any cost" and he doesn’t care about his rating. After the election, there was a lot of proper communication from him. But why then the head of the office repeats after Kolomoisky and Putin? Why does the head of the president’s office say that the speeches against Shariy and Klyuev are evil, at the same time that Kolomoisky said in an interview that there was nothing wrong with Yanukovych’s regime. Does this mean that lustration was not needed?

Test Kolomoisky – the most important test for Zelensky. And not only in connection with Privatbank. The path on which Kolomoisky pushes Zelensky is beneficial primarily to Kolomoisky.

And Zelensky can go on it. As he already obeyed Kolomoisky, and appointed Bogdan. As he had already obeyed Kolomoisky, and began to meet with the oligarchs one-on-one, which resulted in strange agreements and certainly does not look like de-oligarchism.

A negative result on the Kolomoisky test can cause irreparable damage to the economy of Ukraine, if Kolomoisky is allowed to implement the plan for Privatbank. A negative result on the Kolomoisky test can destroy Ukrainian statehood if Kolomoisky succeeds in promoting the plan of Medvedchuk-Putin.

What is the next advice Kolomoisky Zelensky obey? What, from what Kolomoisky says, is consonant with what Zelensky thinks?

Recall Kolomoisky Poroshenko accused of disrupting the Minsk agreements and the "black" PR-loud details.


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