Geographers of Moscow State University published atlas "Healing springs and plants"

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Moscow, July 8 – AIF-Moscow.

Employees of the Faculty of Geography MSU. Lomonosov, together with Russian colleagues presented the medical-geographical atlas "Healing springs and plants," according to a press release.

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The chief editor of the atlas, a professor at Moscow State University, Svetlana Malkhazova, said that this is the first cartographic compilation of data on mineral waters, dirt and medicinal plants of a national scale and will include statistics on the incidence of population in the federal districts of the country.

Together with general maps of Russia, Atlas includes medical-geographical maps of model regions (Caucasus, Crimea, Kamchatka, Tyva, etc.), prepared on the basis of author's developments together with regional services.

The atlas is designed for a wide range of readers who are interested in the healing resources of nature and the problems of a healthy lifestyle, the scientists said. It will also benefit health, science and education workers, as well as recreation and tourism.

Atlas "Healing springs and plants"

Atlas "Healing springs and plants" Photo: Press Service of Moscow State University. Mv Lomonosov
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