Arestovich: "Zelensky" will end badly, "he specifically tests Ukrainians for Donbas delivery to Putin"

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During the interview for the publication “FACTS”, a well-known blogger and military expert Alexei Arestovich told how long Zelensky would be able to hold out in the presidency, while there was a direct surrender of national interests, reports

According to Arestovich, now it is happening in the Donbas, in particular, near the Village of Lugansk, is not a surrender of Ukrainian positions. According to him, the main forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are less than a kilometer away from their previous positions. If the need arises, the Ukrainian soldiers will be able to "jump" there a few minutes after the receipt of such an order.

Arestovich also noted that the control over this territory is also carried out with the help of cameras and constant surveillance. In addition, Ukrainian artillery is aimed at these positions.

According to the expert, the problem with this issue is that the administration of the current president shows an extremely negative trend, when Ukraine begins to make concessions, just to reconcile with Putin.

"At the same time, there is a gradual testing of society for readiness for such a surrender," said Arestovich.

According to the expert, the return of the rights of the Russian delegation to PACE is also a kind of test for Ukrainian society. If this continues in the future, Arestovich noted, this may end very badly for President Zelensky.

"I am afraid that he will end badly in a short historical timeframe, judging by the way he acts. Protests have already begun on the Maidan, so let's see what happens next," the blogger summed up.

Earlier we reported that President Zelensky made an unexpected statement about the Russian language in the Donbas.

By the way, Zelensky canceled the holding of a military parade on Independence Day, which greatly shocked the military.


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