Putin decided to wriggle: ready to issue a decree on the Donbass instead of Ukraine

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So, Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of allegedly not fulfilling the Minsk
agreement, and then completely stated that he was ready to issue a decree to remove
blockade from Donbass instead of Vladimir Zelensky. Information transmits "petescrypticcrosswords.ca".

This statement was received from the President of Russia today, July 4, during
press conferences with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

According to Putin, supposedly Russia cannot be required to fulfill the Minsk agreements,
"in particular, the part that does not apply to Moscow at all", namely
– restoration of the economic relations of Donbass and Ukraine.

"We need to cancel Poroshenko’s decree on the blockade of Donbass. We cannot
do for Ukraine. Well, let me, I will issue this decree! "- Putin said.

Recall Zelensky warned of the danger of negotiations with the leaders
"L / DNR".


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