Zelensky made a loud statement about "Minsk" – an important signal was sent to the Kremlin and Donbas

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Zelensky made a loud statement about “Minsk” in the DW commentary during his visit to the Donetsk region, reports “petescrypticcrosswords.ca”.

Zelensky July 5 went on a visit to the Donetsk region. There he spoke in support of the Minsk agreements.

“We are ready to do everything that is written in the Minsk agreements. You know that neither my team nor I signed this Minsk, but we are ready to go through the points of all agreements so that we finally have peace,” said Ukrainian leader.

He also added that he intends to reach the residents of the occupied Donbass.

“We need to talk to them, we constantly talk to them. We send signals there, we say that we are all Ukrainians. We are all the same with them … I think that many people hear us. I’m sure of this, or, let's say, I would like believe in it very much. We will do it as long as we can, as much as possible, ”the president assured.

He also spoke about the negotiations of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk. According to him, the next meeting will be devoted to the dismantling of concrete structures in the positions of militants and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine expressed its willingness to do everything for the day, but the Russian Federation with its puppets is pulling time.

"As soon as there is a signal, we will begin," Zelensky assured. The next stage of negotiations, in his words, will be the issue of the exchange of prisoners of war.

The President also announced a meeting of the Normandy Four "already on July 12.

“I hope that the other side will not break,” said Zelensky.

Exclusive Interview by Volodymyr Zelensky.
About rozvedennya vіsk on Donbasі, Rosіyu in PARK і scho bude gave: @ ZeKomanda2019 @ZelenskyyUa pic.twitter.com/RqCLrIkHDQ

– DW Ukrainian (@dw_ukrainian) July 5, 2019

Earlier, petescrypticcrosswords.ca reported that Zelensky presented a plan for the start of a mass exchange of prisoners with Russia.

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