Three MSU satellites successfully entered orbit

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Moscow, July 5 – AIF-Moscow.

Three satellites of the Moscow State University Lomonosov July 5 successfully entered orbit and contacted the Mission Control Center, the press service of the university reports.

Sight from space. What is the need for remote sensing of the Earth?

It is reported that the Soyuz 2.1b launch vehicle with the Meteor-M meteorological spacecraft was launched from the Vostochny cosmodrome on July 5 at 08.41. As part of the Roscosmos program to support the launch of projects of educational organizations for the development of small scientific and educational devices (ICA), three 3A CUBESAT format ICAs, developed with the participation of university staff and students, were launched as an associated utility. All of them contacted after separation from the carrier in orbit.

Three promising ICA university projects were selected by Roscosmos at the end of 2018. Socrates, AmurSat (AmGU-1), VDNKh-80 allow solving the tasks of space weather research and monitoring the movement of civil aircraft. It is noted that students and research associates of the INP MSU, together with their partners, tested and prepared the ICA for launch.

At Moscow State University, they added that the Aviation and Cosmonautics Center of the VDNKh and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University will create a workplace on space weather monitoring in the Cosmos pavilion. There you can see the results of the satellite in orbit. The program will be implemented within the framework of the ICA "VDNH-80" project to popularize the achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry.

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