On the island of the Druids found 4000-year-old object disguised as a hill

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In Britain, archaeologists studying the famous Welsh mound, Bryn Celli Ddu, discovered a mound inside which a 4,000-year-old stone pyramid was hidden.

About the discovery reports Live Science. The find was made in Wales on the island, which is called the island of the Druids. It is believed that the Druids conducted religious ceremonies there. Bryn-Kelly-Doo mound was discovered by archaeologists about a century ago.

Photo: A. Kowalska / PCMA
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It was the Neolithic tomb, which had a sacred significance. Earlier, ceramics, weapons, a variety of tools, and the so-called patterned stone — a plate with a fancy pattern — were found in it.

Bryn-Kelly-Do mound is famous for its tunnel that led to the tomb. At the summer solstice, the octagonal burial chamber was illuminated through this corridor. During the excavations, the attention of archaeologists was attracted by a hill located 150 meters from the tomb.

The study confirmed that it is man-made. Moreover, under a layer of soil was found a pyramid, built of stones. Radiocarbon analysis showed that it was built around 1900 BC.

However, some of the artifacts found inside it may be much older. So, archaeologists discovered flint tools and a double "curb" of massive stones, some of them weighing more than one ton.

The stone pyramid may be even larger than its famous neighbor. Scientists call it a funeral, as no other explanation has been proposed for its purpose. But this is only an assumption, because the researchers did not find the remains during the excavations.

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