Konyukhov successfully completed a flight on an aircraft with solar panels

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Moscow, July 6 – AIF-Moscow.

The traveler Fyodor Konyukhov successfully completed the first flight on an experimental aircraft with solar panels, on which he flew from Moscow to Evpatoria, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the headquarters of the flight.

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They told that the plane with Konyukhov and the head of the federation of glider sport of Russia Sergey Ryabchinsky on board landed at the airfield Tobasko under Yevpatoria.

The headquarters also noted that travelers feel well, and the flight itself took place in the normal mode, it took two days of light. During this time, the plane flew 1,700 kilometers.

On Monday, the plane will take off again, it will go first to Kislovodsk, and then return to Moscow, from where it departed on Friday morning.

Earlier it was reported that the flight was forcedly interrupted in Temryuk due to the end of daylight hours, where the team stopped for the night.

The experimental aircraft is equipped with flexible Russian-made solar modules, as well as energy storage systems. Konyukhov and Ryabchinsky during the flight experienced the work of solar modules at different heights, at different angles to the sun, in different geographic latitudes.


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