The results of X-ray analysis of Tutankhamen's chariot are published

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Professor of Egyptology Nozomi Kawai from Kanazawa University in Japan put forward a new hypothesis, according to which a huge gilded umbrella was attached to the chariot of Tutankhamen boy-pharaoh.

About the discovery tells Ahram Online. A new study suggests that the chariot of Tutankhamen was equipped with a special canopy. He was designed to protect the pharaoh boy from the scorching sun during hunting or playing sports.

Photo: Yuri Maltsev / Mius Front
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Until now, scientists could not say for sure whether the chariot of Tutankhamen was equipped with its own umbrella. By the way, the canopy itself has been preserved. In the near future it will be transferred to the Great Egyptian Museum (GEM), along with other artifacts.

Nozomi Kawai studied it with X-rays. X-ray was subjected to the chariot itself. The analysis showed that there are identical bindings on the chariot and the shed. This was the basis for the new hypothesis. However, scientists intend to continue the study.

As for the collection of 155 items that GEM will receive, the gilded canopy is considered one of its most valuable artifacts along with the statue of Pharaoh Amenemhat III and the collection of artifacts from the reign of Alexander the Great and the kings of Ptolemy I and II.

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