The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy’s position with a powerful blow, the militants showed the consequences: “This is all that remains”

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The video of the defeated position was published on YouTube’s video hosting by J Day user, reports

The video was published on the web on July 5th. On it, the terrorist "L / DNR", hiding his face, complains of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"This is how this is … This is the 120th mortar … Last night," says the terrorist. Where exactly the observation post "L / DNR" was defeated, the blogger does not specify. He only indicated that the APU was dealt a crushing blow in July 2019.

Judging by the video, he came not along the observation point, but alongside. However, the NP militants received serious damage. Terrorists will now have to try hard to restore it.

We will remind, earlier “Dialogue.UA” reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the trash defeated the positions of militants in the Donbass from the ATGM, the dugout blew up.

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