So evil Zelensky has not yet been seen: the toughest speech of the President of Ukraine – video

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Note that the Ukrainian sailors were illegally captured on November 25 in the Kerch Strait area by Russian security forces. The FSB then accused the Ukrainians of "dangerous maneuvers" while entering the "closed area of ​​the territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation," reports

Zelensky also noted that he learns about the actions of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine from the media and came down with accusations against Minister Klimkin that he threatens negotiations on the return of Ukrainian sailors from Russian captivity, and does not consider it necessary to talk with the President of Ukraine.

“And these are questions of the country's security, questions of the lives of our citizens,” Zelensky noted.

Also during the briefing, Vladimir Zelensky directly addressed President Vladimir Putin, demanding that he immediately return to Ukraine the illegally detained sailors.

“We all have children. Return the children to their parents,” Zelensky addressed in Russian to Putin.

Recall Zelensky previously powerfully "walked" on Putin's godfather Medvedchuk.

Also, President Zelensky urgently gathered the National Security Council.


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