Scientists began to observe the life of the Black Sea dolphins from a helicopter

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The sea expedition, launched from Sochi, surveyed part of the coastal waters from a Mi-8 helicopter in order to explore the Black Sea dolphins. This is reported in the information posted on the official website of the Institute of Oceanology named after P.P. Shirshov, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Photo: Ilya Izotov / RG
The mayor of Simferopol offered to install a monument to heron

Works are carried out to monitor and preserve marine mammals.

This is the second season of research, supported by a large oil company. The first took place last year. Comprehensive dolphin research has not been done since the 1980s.

As the project manager Ph.D. Biology Vera Krasnova told, the scientists collected a large amount of unique material about the Black Sea cetaceans, however, to develop specific recommendations for monitoring and preserving the study should be regular.

According to scientists, observations are made of three species of cetaceans – these are bottlenose dolphins, white-necked little birds and porpoises (Azovka). All of them are on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. By the way, the total number of these mammals in the natural environment is still unknown to science.

This summer, scientists are going to continue research in a special economic zone – up to 180 kilometers from the coast in the area between Adler and the Kerch Strait.

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