Russian political analyst said that Putin is thinking about Zelensky

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Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is thinking about his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky, and also explained what to expect from the Kremlin in the near future, reports Novoye Vremya.

What is the relationship between Putin and Zelensky? I guess now they are not at all. Putin is becoming more capricious, Zelensky is just groping for himself – trying to figure out how to run this big country with a lot of interests. He is now, in general, and not to Putin.

In any case, before they meet – and sooner or later, probably, they will – Putin will do everything to push the position with Europe and the USA. Because as a person from the KGB, he is absolutely sincerely convinced that everything in the world is determined by the highest level players. This is his inflexible logic: the Kremlin does not want or do not believe in such a thing as sovereignty. And it slips everywhere. Germany does not have sovereignty – America leads it, France does not have sovereignty – America manipulates it, much less Ukraine has no sovereignty. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the relations between Zelensky and Putin not earlier than the meeting of the Russian president with Trump at the G20 summit. There, and it has already been announced, Ukraine is on the list of topics.

To understand how the Kremlin treats Zelensky, you need to understand one important thing. The fact is that the modern Kremlin has no positive agenda at all. For example, interfering in the American elections, the task was not to push Donald Trump to the presidency, but to ruin the life of Hillary Clinton as much as possible. In the Ukrainian elections it is similar: not to support Zelensky, because he is supposedly pro-Russian, but to spoil Poroshenko’s life, because with all his inevitable flaws in the post-Soviet space, he managed to resist Putin’s aggression rather severely, no matter what they say.

The goals were achieved, and Zelensky was perceived as a victory. Just like Trump. And what will happen next – it does not matter, there is no long-term plan. The strategy is only to put as many pigs as possible: to intervene in the elections, to discredit, and if we are talking about Ukraine, to deprive the gas transit. Do not somehow build, change someone, or make something more profitable for Russia – but just revenge. Just get even.

This logic is becoming more and more obvious on the example of Georgia. In the end, what an idiotic decision to cancel flights? It is clear that this is primarily a blow to the economy of Georgia. But after all, for Russian citizens who planned to go there, too. But it doesn’t matter – we let them all know who they are, we hit. But in favor of or for the good of Russia, this is not the point; the main thing is for Putin to feel revenged.

This shredding in foreign policy is very much felt. Therefore, the fact of anti-Russian or pro-Russian Zelensky, do not even think. Poroshenko thrown, and then we'll see. And what difference does it make, what kind of president, the main thing is to come to an agreement with America. And as she says, so Ukraine itself will lead.

Yes, boorish. But it is this position that dominates. Therefore, no one is particularly concerned about who Zelensky is and how to build relationships with him. Someone, of course, is thinking of something there, but the main logic is this: we have an atomic bomb, and you choose. You will do more or less in our way, or we will rumble and find ourselves in heaven, and where you are is the question. And such a style, all this blackmail and bluff, to some extent it works, and to some already not.

Will the Kremlin behave more arrogantly after returning to PACE? Yes, where already bolder.

The maritime arbitration was sent, the PACE seemed to be sent, too, because Russia had gone out of there with a noise, and now it seems as if it is returning with a noise. Well, yes, they returned, it seems they won, but we will not pay money until we are returned in full right. And again the flaring starts. Of course, for Putin this is a victory – such a diplomatic propaganda. But what to take with her? Russia will still be there in the minority, and will still be against the decisions of the European Court, and will still get in trouble due to ignoring arbitration, and still not avoid the Boeing court.

When I met with representatives of France and Germany, I got the feeling that they were very interested in returning to the state of business as usual, and in fact would have liked to close their eyes to the Crimea. Therefore, Putin’s calculation in this regard was fair: they would cry out and calm down. How shouted with Georgia and Chechnya. But there is still the Donbass, and the relatives of the victims of the Boeing all do not cease to put pressure on the government.

Recall, it became known on what topics the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation will talk during the G20 summit in Japanese Osaka.

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