Scientists have called ways to protect against the "death rays" of home appliances

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Modern electrical appliances not only make a person's life more comfortable, but can also cause serious health problems. The reason – the constant impact on the body of electromagnetic fields generated by home gadgets.

As Mikhail Khors, head of the Center for Rational Psychology, told the Evening Moscow edition, people who talk about death rays permeating their home often have paranoid disorder.

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– Unlike paranoids, paranoia can often rationally justify their delusions. And there are a lot of such people among us. Someone broadcasts about the "rays of death", and others about the machinations of the FSB, which prevent them from settling their lives, the clinical psychologist noted.

However, the achievements of modern technology are safe for humans, if you follow the rules of operation of devices.

– Of course, it irradiates both a cell phone and a microwave, which creates two frequencies for heating food, as well as an electromagnetic field. But it’s enough to move away from the device by 1.5-2 meters, and that’s all – you will not receive any harm, ”said Oleg Grigoriev, chairman of the Russian National Committee for Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation.

In order to make a cell phone safe, it is sufficient to use a headset when negotiating. She, by the way, frees your hands and allows you to do other things, such as driving a car. Scientists consider household routers that distribute Wi-Fi as one of the most dangerous "household" sources of electromagnetic radiation. Their peak signal is comparable to the base station. Therefore, it is better to keep the routers at least three meters from the living rooms – in the hallway or kitchen.


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