Groisman told Zelensky how to "get rid of" Klimkin.

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This broadcast Ukrainian TV reported
Prime Minister, transfers "Dialogue.UA".

Earlier, Zelensky first turned to Putin and
"hit" on Klimkina.

So, Groisman condemned the actions of the head of the Foreign Ministry due to the fact that he did not
coordinated his actions with the president of Ukraine. He noted that he should
send Klimkin on vacation for several months and remove him from office.

The Prime Minister assured that he would sign the application for leave
from Klimkin.

Groisman explained that he would immediately add and. about. for the position
Foreign Minister and the issue will be resolved.

According to him, the candidacy of the first deputy should
offer Zelensky.

The prime minister said he is ready to help the president than he can
despite the fact that they are with him in different political parties.

Return of Russian delegation to PACE is revenge
aggressor and a violation of international law, according to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Vladimir Groysman.

In response to criticism from President Zelensky, the Minister
Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin published notes of the Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministries,
concerning the captured Ukrainian sailors.


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