A nutritionist called the minimum portion of multigrain bread for health.

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Multigrain bread is considered much more useful for the human body than the usual. Therefore, nutritionists called the minimum daily portion of whole-grain bread, which will have a beneficial effect on the human body.

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– Ordinary bread and even black, which is considered to be dietary, is made from high-grade flour. It also removes useful vitamins and even fiber from it, ”nutritionist of the Center for Aesthetic Cosmetology Elena Solomatina told the Evening Moscow edition.

In addition, the usual bread carries a lot of calories for the body, which contributes to an increase in blood sugar and a set of extra pounds.

In turn, multigrain bread is saturated with vitamins, which gives a feeling of fullness when eating and a person, as a rule, eats less than the main dish. As a result, doctors advise to use four slices of multi-grain bread during the day.

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It should be remembered that since multigrain bread is positioned as a product for healthy nutrition, it has established requirements for salt content (not more than one percent), dietary fiber (at least six percent), mass fraction of grain products (at least five percent), phosphorus ( not more than 135 mg / 100 g).

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