Zelensky explained when and how they would change the Constitution: the terms of urgent decisions were named.

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This was told by the representative of Zelensky in Parliament,
transmits "Dialogue.UA".

Earlier, Zelensky congratulated Ukraine on Constitution Day and
launched a flash mob.

According to Stefanchuk, the Constitution will be amended.
in the coming year. He noted that during this period the president had the greatest
public support and the Verkhovna Rada works most efficiently.

Also the representative of the president assured that the team
Zelensky already have turned out documents.

He is convinced that all changes must be thorough
check on legal interpretation and be unquestioning.

According to Stefanchuk, the possibility of adopting a new Constitution
– this is "still a matter of discussion, and there are different approaches."

Stefanchuk insists on a major audit of the state and the Basic Law of the country.

New President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his team
willing to consider global constitutional changes down to bicameral

Constitutional court made sensational decision on decree


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