Trips to Russia and the role of Kolomoisky: Butusov "warmed up" the scandal with the candidate of the "Servant of the People" Kunitsky

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Today, deputy Andrei Denisenko laid out a scan of the passport of Israel’s citizen Alexander Kunitsky – who is a candidate for deputies in the 169th district from the “Servant of the People” as a citizen of Ukraine

But this is not all: it turns out, in 2019, Kunitsky four times visited the Russian Federation on both the Ukrainian and Israeli passports.

Kunitsky is known as a blogger who makes critical videos about the Ukrainian police – how they violate rights, how he teaches them, and what abuses the police produce. What does the deputy candidate to the Verkhovna Rada in the Russian Federation do, what are his interests there? Filmed videos about the bad work of the Russian police?

But other questions follow from this – why does the “Servant of the People” land a blogger with an Israeli passport from Zaporozhye to the district in Kharkov who visits the Russian Federation if Kunitsky has a more than dangerous opponent in this district – is the confidant of Petro Poroshenko, deputy of the PPP Alexander Granovsky?

On the one hand, the chief of staff of SN, Kornienko, said that the party would put up a strong candidate against Granovsky in order to win.

On the other hand, Granovsky meets at night with Igor Kolomoisky – the owner of “1 + 1” came to the deputy’s home, and Granovsky claims that even working with Poroshenko kept relations with Kolomoisky.

By the way, the network at the same time claim that Granovsky has a Romanian passport, which the deputy, however, denies.

How to understand what is happening – why the "Servant of the People" invites a blogger to Granovsky district with such details in the biography that are immediately detected and allow thereby to raise the question of its removal from the election? Is it possible to admit that inviting a candidate from Zaporozhye to another city, at the headquarters of "SN", did not check it out?

It is an accident? Mistake? Or vice versa-Kolomoisky and Granovsky agreed, and this is all a smoke screen? Now the authorities should give an assessment of this.

I think the number of intrigues is in the lead along with the 169th district, district 94 of the Kiev region, where 41 candidates are registered, and two of their clones also participate in the battle between Igor Kononenko and Alexander Dubinsky. And also district 133, where a record number is registered – 50 candidates.

Recall journalist Martynenko explained how Zelensky will take power in the country.


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