Putin directly said what he wants from Zelensky: "Only in this way can we achieve something"

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Putin made a loud statement at a big press conference on the results of the G20 summit in Osaka, reports petescrypticcrosswords.ca.

At a press conference, Putin, speaking of captured sailors of the Ukrainian Navy, cynically recalled that there are other Ukrainians in the prisons of the Russian Federation and the occupied Donbas.

"We need to calmly in a working mode to deal with this," – said the usurper.

He called on Zelensky to follow the example of Medvedchuk, who recently staged a performance with the release of prisoners. For this he even went to the "negotiations" with the puppets of the Kremlin in the "L / DNR".

“Just recently I was informed that, through the mediation of Mr. Medvedchuk, four people were released in L / DNR. Well, this is a good example of direct contact with those with whom you need to have a dialogue. And the result is obvious. If so, the current government will build of course, we can achieve a lot in this direction, "Putin said. He is desperately pushing the new president of Ukraine into direct talks with the leaders of the "L / DNR". This will allow him to remove from Russia the status of a member state of the conflict and, in fact, the aggressor.

Recall earlier "Dialogue.UA" reported that Putin made a loud statement about the fate of the captured sailors and slandered the head of the General Staff of Ukraine Homchak.


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