Secret ancient artifact found at the birthplace of Christ

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In Bethlehem, workers performing the restoration of the Church of the Nativity of Christ found a hidden small font for baptism, from 1400 to 1700 years old.

About the discovery reports Live Science. The find was made in the ancient Christian church, which is believed to have been erected at the birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is assumed that the church was built in the IV century AD.

Photo: J. Dabrowski / PCMA
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When working on the restoration of the object, scientists studied in detail the large stone font for baptism. It is dated VI-VII centuries of our era. The surprise for the experts was that a small font was discovered inside.

According to Ziad Al-Bandak, the head of the restoration commission of the Church of the Nativity, the artifact was made of the same stone as the church columns. Therefore, it can be dated to the same time period when the construction of the church began.

That is, scientists suggest that a "secret" font could be created at the beginning of the 4th century AD. The find has been sent for further research.

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