Scientists have found out who left mysterious traces 90 million years ago

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An international team of paleontologists during a survey of a deserted piece of land in southern Brazil discovered the fossil remains of a predatory dinosaur previously unknown to science, which hunted for small prey 90 million years ago.

According to, the fossilized remains were found in the municipality of Cruzeiro do Este in the state of Paraná. This was done by a joint group of paleontologists from Brazil and Argentina.

Photo: J. Dabrowski / PCMA
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Found lizard belongs to a previously unknown science species. He received the name Vespersaurus paranaensis. Its age is estimated at about 90 million years. This creature in length reached just over one and a half meters and hunted for small prey.

It was established that Vespersaurus was a theropod and belonged to the group of two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs. He is a relative of such more famous creatures like tyrannosaurus and velociraptor.

The northeastern region of Paraná was once a desert. The remains found suggest that the Vespersaurus was well adapted to this climate. It is noteworthy that the traces of this pangolin were found in the 1970s.

“Incredibly, almost 50 years later, we seem to have discovered what type of dinosaur could have left these mysterious footprints,” says Paulo Mansig of the Cruzeiro do West Museum of Paleontology.

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