In Poland, discovered the mysterious 3000-year-old "propeller"

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In Poland, archaeologists during excavations near the border with Slovakia discovered a strange metal artifact with "petals", made around 1000 BC.

About the discovery tells the Archaeology News Network. A bronze artifact was found near the Dukla Pass in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship near the border with Slovakia. Archaeologist Dr. Wojciech Pasterkiewicz dated him to about 1000 BC.

Photo: Wisam Hashlamoun / Anadolu Agency / Getty
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Attention is drawn to the strange form of the find. This product resembles a "propeller", and it is in very good condition. According to scientists, the artifact is part of an ancient mace. But to whom she belonged, remains a mystery.

“It’s impossible to say exactly where the mace came from, but most likely it belonged to some kind of Middle Eastern culture,” said Wojciech Pasterkevich.

Scientists can not yet explain the reason why this strange artifact was in the south of Poland about 3000 years ago. They note that the Dukla Pass is a very convenient passage through the Carpathians from modern Slovakia to Poland.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that a foreign army could have passed through it in the distant past,” Pasterkevich suggests. “Perhaps the mace was lost in a campaign or battle.”

The mace has already been declared state property. She has to go through laboratory tests. Scientists plan to determine from which alloy and exactly when it was cast.

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