The captured Dmitry the Great, released by Medvedchuk, took the SBU at night – loud details

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Earlier it was reported that the Great is suspected of desertion, reports "" with reference to "112 Ukraine".

On Friday, June 28, Putin’s kum Medvedchuk brought 4 prisoners of war to Ukraine, which were held by Russia and its L / DNR terrorists. Among them was a certain Dmitry the Great. In the base of "Peacemaker", he is listed as a deserter. How he, being in the Dnieper, was captured by terrorists in the fall of 2016, is not clear.

Apparently, the special services of Ukraine also suspect something great. That night, in his words, SBU officers broke into his house in Pavlograd and detained him by force.

“I spent 15 minutes with my parents, people ran with machine guns, jumped over the fence. I just didn’t know right away, my father was knocked down,” said Velikiy. According to the former prisoner of war, they held him until 4 am He did not answer the questions of the SBU officers, as he could not get through to a lawyer.

We will remind, earlier “Dialogue.UA” reported, Butusov said that Putin had actually conceived in the history of the release of 4 prisoners.

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