Putin in Osaka confused the word: the whole world is laughing at the embarrassment of the Russian president at the G20 summit – personnel

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Social networks laugh over Putin's words, reports petescrypticcrosswords.ca.

On June 29, at a press conference following the G20 summit, Putin tried to justify himself for oppressing the LGBT community in Russia. He did it not too well.

“I’ve been thinking about five or six sexes. Transformers, transgender people – I don’t even understand what it is. God bless everyone, but this part of the society aggressively imposes its point of view on the majority,” Putin complained.

Grandfather explains for gender. May God grant health to everyone pic.twitter.com/iCbNRbwtkN

– Stalingulag (@StalinGulag) June 29, 2019

Social networks are shocked by his statement. The whole world is laughing, but the Russians are ashamed.

"Transformers! What is he carrying? What a deep disgrace !!!" – citizens of the Russian Federation complain.

“Grandfather f **** is long ago. Boris Nemtsov was right,” commentators write.

"Mom, I'm sorry, but I'm Decepticon," web users are jostling.

"6 sexes: male, female, Autobot, Decepticon. What are the other two?" – Russians are interested.

We will remind, earlier “Dialogue.UA” reported that Putin at the G20 dinner in Osaka struck the world with a trick: the Russian president showed that he was scared to death.

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