New footage from the village of Lugansk: how is the withdrawal of weapons in one of the hottest points of Donbass

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Personnel, as breeding, on the YouTube channel showed the Public TV of Donbass. It is worth saying that the Stanitsa Luhanska is the only KPVV in the Luhansk region, through which not only the residents of Lugansk, but also other cities temporarily controlled by the militants enter Ukraine, reports “”.

"This (breeding, – Ed.) Is necessary for the repair of a pedestrian bridge at the KPVV Stanitsa Luganskaya." This is the only message of the occupied territory of the Luhansk region with the rest of Ukraine. Some go for a pension, others – to relatives. Everyone is waiting for the cessation of hostilities and hope to repair the bridge, "the story says.

At the same time, many residents of ORLO fear that if breeding occurs, the occupants will occupy new territories and re-enter the village, which has already been freed from Russian terrorists.

Recall that in the Network appeared resonant footage from the Village of Lugansk – to which the “LNR” is ready for the sake of Ukrainian pensions.

Add social networks hit terrible shots of queues at the Village Lugansk.

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