Nothing good will happen between Putin and Zelensky: Vlad Ross gave a gloomy forecast

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Such a statement was made by the famous astrologer Vlad Ross. In an interview with Glavred, the predictor predicted how relations between Putin and Zelensky would develop, reports

Ross, having analyzed the "middle map" of the President of Ukraine and the President of the Russian Federation, noted that a cross emerges in their relations.

โ€œThere are serious doubts as to whether the heads of state will come to a compromise,โ€ the astrologer comments.

According to him, the presidents will be extremely difficult to negotiate. They will communicate in the international arena, and their negotiations are not excluded. However, the cross is a cross, and this indicator determines a lot.

The situation between the leader of Ukraine and the owner of the Kremlin can be called a stalemate. There is no need to believe in a quick compromise between Ukraine and Russia.

Perhaps, the astrologer notes, Zelensky and Putin will find "joint points". But the path to them will be very, very difficult.

Recall Putin went berserk after Zelensky's statement about Donbass.

It also became known that Putin is thinking about Zelensky.


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