NASA will send a spacecraft to search for life on Titan

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Moscow, June 28 – AIF-Moscow.

NASA will send the spacecraft Dragonfly to search for life on Saturn’s largest satellite, reports TASS.

We will drill in space. What minerals can be mined on the moon?

According to the head of the US space agency, James Bidenstein, the new mission of the New Frontiers program will explore the largest satellite of Saturn – Titan.

The Dragonfly unmanned landing module will be the first vehicle capable of covering more than 160 kilometers in the dense atmosphere of Titan.

As Brydenstein notes, Saturn’s moon is more like the early Earth. Dragonfly will assess the suitability of Titan for life and look for chemical markers that may indicate the presence of life there or its existence in the past.

The head of NASA also added that a few years ago, the holding of such a mission was unthinkable.


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