"Zelensky received power from the Gods": the witch told why the judges recognized his decree on the dissolution of the Rada constitutional

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The Constitutional Court recognized the decree of President Vladimir Zelensky on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada constitutional. We wrote earlier about the fact that the verdict of the KSU judges would be exactly that, we were informed about this by the well-known Ukrainian prophetess Lana Yar, reports “petescrypticcrosswords.ca”.

She once again confirmed the idea that Zelensky was helped by a higher power, the gods are on his side. Therefore, today the witch spoke about what upsets Vladimir Zelensky most of all, to whom he is attached and what he hopes.

How does Vladimir see himself?

Reza Lelia and Polela, the gods of love and marriage, says that he sees himself as a positive person, one who enjoys the very process of life. Such a character trait is able to charge the life force of others, give an incentive to want to live!

How does Vladimir see the people who surround him by type of activity?

I can say that he is very upset when people around him want too much for their help and think only of material benefit in return for serving people.

Earlier, Putin portrayed that "gives a chance" to Zelensky to resolve the issue of Donbass.

What left a mark on Vladimir?

Excessive withdrawal into social life from the family. Our president is very attached to his relatives.

What are his strengths?

This is a subtle sense of choice. Vladimir perfectly hears his inner voice, takes it into account before taking a step forward.

What opportunities does Vladimir have now?

Morena, the goddess of death, talks about a wonderful chance to destroy everything that has become obsolete and old, that which destroys space. And do it with a cold heart without a twinge of conscience. However, I want to add that some opportunity is not seen now by Vladimir, and may soon become lost.

What important happened in the life of our President?

Reza Avsenya, the pioneer god, said that he received strength from the Gods for a new step, building a bridge to his future personally and a large number of people (in this case, we, Ukrainians). Reza showed that at present Vladimir is striving for honesty, truthfulness with thoughts, deeds and actions. He is against the humiliation of the truth.

What does our President hope for?

That his new approach to business will bring success, that he will manage to bring the matter to a really significant result. Vladimir is now afraid to miss some past problems, to lose sight of something that requires an urgent solution.

How does he behave in life?

Reza Divya, the Goddess of the Moon, speaks of Vladimir’s sensitivity. He tries to look at people and situations from the point of view of internal instinct, does not directly interpret all the signs around.

What deep down will always happen to our President?

In his life there will always be situations where he will need to complete the destruction and create the new. In my heart there will always be a keen feeling that everything will be even better soon.

What is his future in life?

Vladimir soar over all life situations, learn to look at all events wisely and calmly. See the secret mechanisms of what is happening. Learn to “smell” everything even with closed eyes.

Advice to Vladimir from the Gods: in no case allow perplexity and fear to penetrate thoughts. This will make it difficult to choose a further path. It is also necessary to learn to separate the good from the evil, even in small events in life. Do not plan, worry. It is worth boldly spreading its wings. Do what you want.

Recall Zelensky invited businessmen to change Ukraine together and do it in the next five years. He promised that henceforth any business in Ukraine would have equal conditions.

He also stressed that he would not give any preferences to the representatives of big business and does not intend to allow any monopolies.

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