Source: Zelensky is preparing an important appointment as head of the National Security and Defense Council; you will soon find out who it will be

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As the politrada portal assures with reference to personal sources, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is seriously considering the candidacy of ex-presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko for the post of head of the National Security and Defense Council, reports

While this information is not officially commented. In the AP in anticipation of early parliamentary elections and their results.

In the Administration they stressed that Zelensky allegedly intends to show the Ukrainians that those politicians whom the citizens of Ukraine trust the most will come to power after the elections. It was one of the campaign promises of the current head of state.

According to sources from the AP, Vladimir Zelensky has long been considering the issue of appointing Gritsenko to the position of head of the National Security and Defense Council.

While there are consultations. However, now that the rating of political force Gritsenko is growing, negotiations between politicians have reached a new level.

β€œIn a month, Zelensky will be able to offer Gritsenko the post of the head of the National Security and Defense Council. This is quite logical,” a source said.

We will remind, earlier it became known what advice Gritsenko gave to Zelensky about the war in the Donbas.

Gritsenko also made a loud statement about Zelensky.


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