It became known when Zelensky met with Putin: Kremlin reaction appeared

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So, from the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin received a statement that
Zelensky intends to attend the summit, which will be held in Japan from 28
on June 29th. Information is transmitted by "Dialogue.UA", referring to the "Browser".

According to Klimkin,
there will be a "new wave of pressure" on the Russian Federation on
international arena. The Foreign Minister noted that this would happen if the Russian
the side until Tuesday will not submit to the United Nations International Tribunal for Maritime
The right to report on the release of Ukrainian military sailors.

It is worth saying, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that in the schedule of the head of Russia
at the G20 summit there is no meeting with Zelensky, but at the same time categorically such
probability he did not deny.

Recall, Vladimir Zelensky called on business to invest in the restoration of Donbass.


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