In Yakutia, found a mammoth tusk, processed by ancient man

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A skeleton of a mammoth with a tusk with traces of processing was found in Yakutia on Kotelny Island. With a high degree of probability over the bone worked ancient people.

The find was made during the expedition of paleontologists of the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia on the New Siberian Islands. According to the press service of the Academy of Sciences of RS (I), the scientists went to the Kotelny to gouge out of the thickness of the ice and take to Yakutsk another paleontological value – the carcass of the pygmy mammoth discovered there last year. However, on their arrival, the air temperature here warmed to a record 20 degrees, the rivers opened up, and the place where the carcass is located flooded.

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The residents of the Allaikhovsky district of the republic who were part of the group recalled that a year ago, 10 kilometers from the place of the failed excavation, they saw fragments of a mammoth's skull. Scientists went there.

– Together with a local resident, we dug up a plot of 20 square meters. We managed to extract the mammoth skeleton, consisting of about 40 percent of the bones. It is noteworthy that traces of processing, presumably, by an ancient man, were found on the tusk fragments, – said the leader of the expedition Innokenty Pavlov.

He stressed that a contemporary would not process a tusk in the tundra, but would bring him to a winter hut. And in ancient times, people, unable to transport heavy loads, processed carcasses at the place of extraction. They took what they wanted with them, and left the rest.

“It is them that we discovered,” said the scientist.

A processed piece of tusk weighing 23.6 kilograms was delivered to Yakutsk for research. Scientists and archaeologists will be involved in studying the traces of human impact, and radiocarbon dating, which the Yakut people will carry out together with colleagues from foreign scientific laboratories, will show the exact age of the discovery.

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