Rogozin announced the transition tests "Angara" in the final stage

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Moscow, June 22 – AIF-Moscow.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that testing of the Angara missile is entering the final stage, reports TASS.

Russia is planning a base on the moon. Is it all real?

Rogozin told about this after visiting the Omsk PO “Flight”.

According to Rogozin, “Angara”, as a modular launch vehicle, works in the light class and in the hard. He clarified that the final stage of testing of this rocket will start soon, after that PO “Polet” will begin mass production of “Angara”.

Earlier in Roskosmos announced plans to increase the capacity of the "Angara". It is planned to spend about nine billion rubles for this. The agency also announced the start of work on a reusable rocket with returnable steps.


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