Medvedchuk open up and inadvertently recognized who he really is: loud footage

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The attention to the loud recognition of Medvedchuk was paid by the famous Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky, reports “”.

Recently, Medvedchuk gave a very frank interview to the Russian service of the Air Force. In it, he made several resonant statements. But most of all, Kazan was interested in his words about the Yanukovych regime.

“I don’t communicate with traitors … I don’t forgive anything to these people (Yanukovych, Azarov – ed.), Because they brought my country to it. Not those who came, but they,” Putin’s godfather said. He actually acknowledged that Moscow stubbornly denies the last 5 years – it was Yanukovich with his clique who brought the Ukrainians to the Maidan and is the cause of the country's current troubles.

But even this is not the most interesting.

It turned out that Medvedchuk’s “Opposition Platform – For Life” party’s checklist is almost entirely composed of people who served Yanukovich for many years.

“In the passageway section of the party … such" wonderful "people as the former head of the Presidential Administration Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin, his sister Yulia Levochkina, and former ministers from the Cabinet of Ministers Nikolai Azarov: Yuriy Boyko and Natalya Korolevska go,” said Kazan.

That is, Medvedchuk himself admitted that he is leading the party of traitors.

“Russia has once again decided to make a bet on the most unprincipled bastards and traitors in Ukraine. Moreover, these traitors themselves do not conceal this, and Medvedchuk says:“ Yes, we are traitors ”… Greedy, stupid, unprincipled politicians sooner or later waiting for the collapse … But the Kremlin can not do otherwise. They are able to work only with such political slag, which they regularly select in Ukraine. And I even guess why: because exactly the same unprincipled traitors and rats are sitting in the Kremlin ", – stated the journalist .

Recall earlier "Dialogue.UA" reported that Took warned about the dangerous scenario of the revenge of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, in which Medvedchuk was given a special role.

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