Transcribed treatise on the technique, giving supernatural abilities

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Translator Eric Shahan was able to decipher the samurai treatise of the XVII century, which reveals the secrets of fighting with swords and mastering techniques that give supernatural abilities.

According to Live Science, a treatise called "The Twelve Rules of the Sword" was recorded by the students of the samurai Ito Itoshai. He was born around 1560. It is believed that this man owned a technique that gives supernatural abilities.

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In Japan, he won 33 sword fights. No one knows the exact date of his death. But some historical sources suggest that Itoshai lived to be 90 years old. By the way, he himself never wrote down his commandments, but passed them orally to students from the martial arts school.

According to the translation of Eric Shahan, the text describes the "rules for beating the enemy", as well as two magic prayers for "strengthening the spirit and mind of a samurai." By the way, Shahan is not only a translator. He has a black belt of Kobudo martial art.

It is reported that both magical prayers are difficult to understand. One of them, for example, says that a samurai should draw several Sanskrit characters on his palms, including the symbols of the demons They.

Then the samurai should fold his palms, utter a prayer, turn the palms up once, loudly say “Un!”, Clap his palms and rub them together.

One of the rules is called "eyes of the heart." In the translation of Shahan, it sounds like this: "you should not look at your opponent with your eyes, but look at him with your spirit … If you look with your eyes, you can distract yourself, but looking with your mind, you remain focused."

“The 17th century Japanese people looking at the samurai who owned the“ eye of the heart ”might have been stunned,” says Shahan. “At that time, the observer might have thought that the person who mastered this technique has supernatural abilities.”

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